Blessings & Snowflakes  With this chart stitch 3 designs; greeting card size, a larger design of 4 snowflakes and 5 blessings, and individual snowflakes for mini ornaments.  
Printed chart SRP $8.00
Charted as an all-in-one design with borders in lieu of fringing, though components may be stitched individually as shown. Printed chart SRP $9.00
January, the gateway to a new year.
Printed chart $6.00 SRP
February, the month of Love!
Printed chart $6.00 SRP
March, roars in like a lion.
Printed chart $6.00 SRP
April, here come the showers.
Printed chart $6.00 SRP
After the showers come May's flowers.
Printed chart $6.00 SRP
June is dedicated to making our thumbs green!
Printed chart $6.00 SRP
July, time to tip our sunbonnets to summer picnics!
Printed chart $6.00 SRP
No bones about it!  August has the hazy, lazy Dog Days of summer! Printed chart $6.00 SRP
September: It's back to school with apples for the teacher and gold stars for the students! 
Printed chart $6.00 SRP
Fall in love with the beauty of 
Autumn during the month of October!
Printed chart $6.00 SRP
November: As autumn wanes, the geese take flight and we gather with thankful hearts to celebrate the harvest. Printed chart $6.00 SRP
December. When the often harsh yet 
beautiful winter season silently falls upon the earth.
 Printed chart $6.00 SRP
Spring's Surprise 
Charted for DMC floss.  Stitch ct: 92w x 110h
Winter's Wonder 
Charted for Gentle Arts Sampler Threads and optional 3 mm beading.
Stitch ct: 114w x 122h
Autumn's Glory 
Charted for DMC floss. 
Stitch ct: 110w x 117h
Summer's Sol
Charted for DMC floss
Stitch ct: 100w x 111h
Monthly Squares is a collection of twelve designs, one for each month of the year, all with a stitch count of 80 x80.
Winter's Chorus 
Stitched on 14ct perforated plastic. Finished size:9.5"w x 8.5"h. Instructions and material list included for entire project.
SRP $8.00
Little Bits of Winter when stitched on 14ct measure about 2"w x 3"h
Printed chart $6.00 SRP
The Noble Magnolia
SRP $8.00
Flower stitch ct:
56w x 71h
Boxed Flower w/ Words
Stitch ct: 102w x 134h
A 2018 Collective Stitch Event Design.  Winter's Pretty Side.  Charted for DMC or Sulky 712 threads.
Stitch ct: 84w x 56h  SRP $6.00

Visit the Crafty Framer in Largo FL to get the 2019 Collective Stitch Event design: Spring's Busy Side.