Stitching cards really did captivate me because I could easily complete one at Christmas time to give to a very special lady friend.  Getting up in years, her crocheting days were coming to an end but not her appreciation of a handcrafted, straight-from-the-heart gift.  She was and always will be the inspiration for my Christmas card designs.

Lucky for me, my son married a stitcher!  She has been my right-hand gal, giving unbiased opinion, model stitching, and being the best festival pal anyone could want.  She's a great stitcher-in-law!!!
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I got hooked on counted cross stitch after a co-worker showed me the design she was stitching.  It was so beautiful and seemed so easy to stitch that I just had to try it for myself.  Since then I've never stopped stitching!  I especially enjoy stitching "outside the picture frame."  So, my family and friends have graciously accepted embellished sweatshirts, mugs, cards, etc.
Lillian Moore  2013
Lillian Moore  2013